We are a small fleet of fishermen who have been fishing from Eastbourne for over 50 years between us. After seeing the demand of fish increase we decided to start Eastbourne Fresh Local Fish, offering a unique boat to door service. Selling nothing but the freshest seasonal locally caught sea food. During summer seasons we land a lots of wild sea bass and mackerel, as well as scallops and Pollock as this is wild it is all subject to availability. Later on in the year we catch a larger variety including dover sole, plaice, turbot, Cod and many more.


Fish is among the healthiest foods on the plant. It is loaded with so many important nutrients such as protein , B2 and vitamin D. Fish is also a great source of omega 3 which are incredibly important for your body and brain as well as being considered one of the most heart- healthy food. 

Wild Vs Farmed 

Our fish comes straight out of the ocean and is in your fridges and freezers or even eaten within 24 hours, leaving you reaping all the natural flavor and nutrients they provide. Being wild - they live in a free habitat eating natural foods such as other fish, organisms and plants. Farmed fish are fed with processed fish feed, ensuring they are all the correct sizes to sell. This means the health benefits a fish should provide are dramatically less, as is the flavor. Shops will sell farmed fish as fresh but these can be sometimes up to 2 - 3 weeks old, with a lot being imported from around the world! When you are buying wild you are not just purchasing a better quality fish you are also supporting your local fishermen.

25% of UK landed fish is eaten and 75% is exported. Meanwhile 70% of the fish we east is imported also. You can help change this! Eat Local, support local, keep it british.